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"Veggie Lee in Hayward Goes Beyond Standard Chinese Vegetarian Fare"

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"A Bite of California - A visit to Veggie Lee"

Veggie Lee Restaurant Business Sign

Dear Customers,

My name is Veggie Lee, the owner of this restaurant. I have worked in kitchens for over 31 years, and have held positions as main and executive chef. I’ve spent the last 10 years running my own seafood restaurant.

I love to cook, and did so frequently. However, I noticed that I was gaining weight and living an unhealthy lifestyle. I began to research vegetarianism and learned about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. I tried it for myself and adopted the vegetarian lifestyle. After a few months, I lost over 30 pounds and lowered my cholesterol levels. My family and I have been practicing this lifestyle and we’ve enjoyed the health benefits that it provides.

The purpose of this restaurant is not only to provide our customers with delicious meals made with the finest ingredients, but also to provide them with healthy meals. Thank you.

Veggie Lee